WiM Africa celebrates Women’s month in Durban addressing the power of Influence

28 August 2019

WiM Africa celebrates Women’s month in Durban addressing the power of Influence

On Thursday 22nd August, WiM Africa was in Durban, South Africa to deliver INFLUENCE – harnessing one’s own power of influence and examining the myths, truths and longevity of influencer marketing.

In association with the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the event took place during women’s month in South Africa, and brought together senior professionals from global brands, experts in influencer marketing and female business owners and marketing professionals. The aim was to hear and be inspired by the stories of professional women on how they develop and maximise their powers of influence and also to gain insights in the phenomenon that has become influencer marketing.

The event was led by girls in tech ambassador and digital matriarch, Amanda Mathe, welcoming delegates and laying the ground work for the topics to be discussed. Welcome addresses followed from CMO of the Durban Chamber, Taweni Gondwe-Xaba and Andrea Opoku Director and Africa Ambassador, Women in Marketing who gave some background to the network and its history, touching on the 9th Annual Global WiM Awards for which nominations are now open.

Andrea then shared a brief message on how, as women, we at times feel like there are things we cannot do or spaces we cannot occupy. She encouraged women of all hues, ages, professional seniority to be encouraged and ‘do the thing you think you cannot do’








The keynote address was delivered by Elizma Nolte, Regional Marketing Manager of Facebook Africa, who beautifully wove the subject matter into the story of her life. As a new born baby we come into this world as a blank canvas and are influenced and shaped by our parents, families, communities, media and the world around us. As we grow and come into our own we start to become an influence on others. We must become aware of how we use our influence, who we give a voice to, and if we want credibility or celebrity.








The influencer marketing mini masterclass, delivered by Stephane Rogovsky, CEO and Founder R-Squared Digital, gave some great insights into the categories of influencers: celebrities, influencers and brand advocates. He covered what brands need to consider when deciding whether to go with celebrity influencers or micro influencers – which is more important reach or engagement? Stephane also delved into the reasons why over 80% of social media influencers are women and what makes women so successful in this practice.







The evening culminated in a panel discussion with panellists Stacey Grant, Consumer and Market Insights Director Africa at Unilever; Nneka Keshi, Client Partner at Facebook Africa; Taweni Gondwe-Xaba and Stephane Rogovsky, moderated by Amanda Mathe.

The lively discussions touch on many areas: from how brands select the influencers to represent their brands; to how women exert their influence in male dominated environments; to how as women we are at times our own worst enemy; how we feel the 4IR and the use of AI will affect future generations and if we fear for our children.

View all the photos from the event here.

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