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WiM Awards


Launched in 2010, the WiM Awards were established to recognise the economic, social influence and impact of women to millions. The WiM Awards has given recognition to inspirational women and male equality advocates across the globe, from some of the biggest brands – Google, HP, Unilever, Burberry,SAP and Live Nation to name but a few.


The WiM Awards 2017 for the first time, opened and received entries from around the world making it the first Global WiM Awards.

WiM Awards 2018 included two new award categories The Change Maker and Industry Shaper. Our winners came from across the globe including the USA, South America and South Africa.

WiM Awards 2019 reflected industry trends and the innovative work being done to improve the lives of people with the introduction of two new categories in the Health and Wellness sector: Best Marketing Leader in Creating Change in Health & Wellness and the Health and Wellness Public Campaign Awards.

WiM Awards 2020 marked the ten-year anniversary of our awards and reflected the evolving landscape of marketing.With that in mind we revised the former Inspirational Leader in the Field of Customer Experience Award to include a consumer behaviour element. The WiM Journalist of the Year Award was re-named Storyteller of the Year Award to reflect the growth and importance of podcasters and other storytellers. New categories included The PR Communicator of the Year Award to recognise the important role of crisis communications during the global pandemic; the Marketing Scientist Award to celebrate educators in marketing; and The WiM Copywriting Award-supported by Vikki Ross for #CopywritersUnite

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