Women in Marketing (WiM) Africa launches at The Loeries Creative Week

12 July 2018

Women in Marketing (WiM) Africa launches at  The Loeries Creative Week

Women in Marketing (WiM) CIC are proud to announce the launch of the first of the Women in Marketing global hubs on the African continent. WiM Africa will debut at the prestigious Loeries Creative Week on Thursday 16th August 2018 in Durban, South Africa.

The inaugural event titled Female Representation and the Media:Who controls the narrative? Will address the role the marketing and advertising industries play in the stereotypical representations of women in the media, society and culture.

The Loeries has for over 40 years has been recognizing and celebrating the very best in creative talent in the marketing and advertising industries across the region.

The debut WiM Africa event will bring together senior executives, both male and female, from some of the most popular brands and creative advertising agencies and production houses across the region.

The speaker line-up consists of the who’s who of senior female executives in the regions marketing and advertising industries: Zumi Njongwe, Marketing & Innvoation Director of Diageo South Africa; Suhana Gordhan, Creative Director of FCB Agency Africa; Fahmeeda Surtee-Cassim, CEO of DStv Media Sales; Emma Reeves, Executive Director of Free The Bid; and Leigh Andrews, Editor in Chief of, Media & Marketing.

"The launch of WiM Africa has been a long time coming and I’m elated we’re finally here! In reaching out to women in the marketing, advertising and communications fields across the continent WiM wants to recognise and celebrate the huge strides they are making in their organisations and may not be getting the recognition they deserve. Africa has some of the fastest growing markets in the world and is a huge incubator of technology and creative talent. We want to do what we can to address the gender imbalances across the sectors and give a voice to the female #Rockstars - and their male advocates - showing future generations coming up the ranks what is possible.

I’d like to thank all the WiM Africa partners without whom this launch wouldn’t be possible. A special thanks to the amazing Leigh Andrews at and to Leigh Ogilvie and Emma Reeves of Free The Bid – a non-profit initiative advocating on behalf of women directors for equal opportunities to bid on commercial jobs in the global advertising industry.”

Andrea Opoku, Director and Africa Ambassador
Women in Marketing (WiM) CIC

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