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WiM Africa Takes Part in the 4th African Marketers Conference

03 February 2022

WiM Africa Takes Part in the 4th African Marketers Conference

The African Marketers Conference, hosted by the Top Marketers Club, brings together the greatest sales and marketing minds each year from Kenya and beyond to learn, share and discover the latest marketing tools and techniques. 

WiM Africa lead, Andrea Djan-Krofa, attended the conference on Friday 3rd December 2021, along with 120 of the most senior marketers from East Africa, where she announced the 2021 WiM Awards Shortlist and led the conversation through partaking in a thought-provoking panel discussion, titled ‘Leadership By Influence VS. Leadership By Power - What Does This Mean For You In Your Journey - Tell Us Your Stories’. The main objective of this conversation was to inspire women to fearlessly take up marketing leadership roles.

Five sensational leaders joined Andrea for this discussion: 

  • Esther Kiringa, Group Marketing Director for Smart Applications International
  • Mellany Msengezi, Marketing Director for Airtel Kenya
  • Jacquie Muhati, Deputy Marketing Director, NCBA Group
  • Nkatha Mutungi, Head of Marketing Services for KCB Group
  • Thrity Engineer Mbuthia, Chairperson for CIM Kenya (Moderator)


Key Takeaways

  • Great marketers come from all walks of life. Do not discount those who have no experience.
  • It is important, in leadership, to have a balance between influence and power.
  • Want to be a good leader? Take a step back, observe and listen. Only then should you analyse.
  • Everyone has something to bring to the table. Do not be afraid to put your ideas out into the world.
  • Do not be afraid to ask. If you do not ask, you do not get.


The Top Marketers Club is an informal and volunteer-based organisation that provides support and networking opportunities to sales and marketing professionals - from seasoned marketing executives such as CMOs and Marketing Directors, to those embarking on a career in marketing.

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