2022 Global WiM Awards: Africa Spotlight Series - Mai Salama

18 November 2022

2022 Global WiM Awards: Africa Spotlight Series - Mai Salama

The 2022 Global WiM Award shortlist has been announced and as we prepare for the Awards Ceremony which is set to take place very soon, we shine a spotlight on the amazing shortlisted women from across the continent.

For the eighth edition of the Africa Spotlight Series we speak to Mai Salama, Founding Partner of Creative Industry Egypt and Managing Partner of The Worx for Events, Egypt.


WiM Africa: What does it mean to you to be shortlisted for the 2022 Global Women in Marketing Awards?

Being shortlisted for a prestigious and special award like the Global Women in Marketing Awards is truly a milestone for me. To be able to share what we do all the way from Egypt with the world through WIM is an honor and a great deal and it certainly gives me a push to keep pushing through and working hard to make an impact.


WiM Africa: What do you love most about what you do?

My favorite thing about what I do is that we don’t only get to make an impact with our work but we get to experience people being affected by this work. We see the value and the effect taking place. I have always believed in communication, marketing and creativity, I believe they are the essence of anything and the true power behind what makes the world go round and I am lucky to be part of this incredible field.


WiM Africa: What one short piece of wisdom would you share with a young woman aspiring to do what you do?

I have a few if you may let me:

  • Trust your instincts 
  • Be curious
  • Believe in yourself
  • Always always always go the extra mile
  • Never let anyone hold you back 



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