2022 Global WiM Awards: Africa Spotlight Series - Julia Raphaely

06 November 2022

2022 Global WiM Awards: Africa Spotlight Series - Julia Raphaely

The 2022 Global WiM Award shortlist has been announced and as we prepare for the Awards Ceremony which is set to take place very soon, we shine a spotlight on the amazing shortlisted women from across the continent.

For the second edition of the Africa Spotlight Series we speak to Julia Raphaely, CEO for Paradigm Connect, South Africa.


WiM Africa: What does it mean to you to be shortlisted for the 2022 Global Women in Marketing Awards?

One of our biggest drivers for our business is showcasing South African talent on a global platform. So to be recognized in this space is really very meaningful. It is not only about having the opportunity to tell our story but also to share it with the team with whom we collaborate. We believe we work with the best of the best and they can shine from anywhere!


WiM Africa: What do you love most about what you do?

I love working in a partnership with someone whom I completely trust, respect and value. Real partnerships are not to be taken for granted! I also love how we have streamlined our way of operating our business. We have walked a long path together, but in our new business, we feel as though we have just started. I love the sense of new beginnings and opportunity. It fuels our passion to produce great work and find the best solutions for our clients and partners.


WiM Africa: What one short piece of wisdom would you share with a young woman aspiring to do what you do?

Don’t ever question your right to sit at the top table. Women bring a different set of insights and skills to business which is hugely important and increasingly valued.


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