2022 Global WiM Awards: Africa Spotlight Series - Gqibelo Dandala

18 November 2022

2022 Global WiM Awards: Africa Spotlight Series - Gqibelo Dandala

The 2022 Global WiM Award shortlist has been announced and as we prepare for the Awards Ceremony which is set to take place very soon, we shine a spotlight on the amazing shortlisted women from across the continent.

For the seventh edition of the Africa Spotlight Series we speak to Gqibelo Dandala, Executive Director for One to One Africa, South Africa.


WiM Africa: What does it mean to you to be shortlisted for the 2022 Global Women in Marketing Awards?

To be seen and recognised among such an auspicious group of women for me is confirmation that my team and I are on the right track, not just in terms of what we do, but also in terms of how and why we do it. It is an honour because I do not stand alone, I stand shoulder to shoulder with the incredible team of rural women working on the ground. So this award is a meaningful accolade for them and for me too. 


WiM Africa: What do you love most about what you do?

I love and do not take lightly my role of communicating accurately, with dignity and respect, the plight of the women and children we serve, without portraying them as victims, but rather as equals for whom a hand up would change their life trajectory. Working with our team of ladies from the ground level to the most senior members of our team, I love and am humbled for the opportunity of working with such passionate, committed women whose north star is respect, care and dignity in the services we provide to clients in deeply rural communities.


WiM Africa: What one short piece of wisdom would you share with a young woman aspiring to do what you do?

No experience, no education and no journey is a waste. As long as you identify your heart's true north star, both professionally and personally, you will not only find your path and your tribe, but will also be richer for the seeming detours you encountered. So rather than complaining, always proactively seek the lesson and silver cloud in every experience.  



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